Pug Character

There are many fascinations of a Pug.  The Pug's charms make the little fellow adorable.  When you go to the door and want to call him, he just stands there, just a bit short of the threshold, or sits squarely on his haunches, head cocked to one side and to all intents and purposes saying, "if you want me to come in, come and get me".  He pugdoes this because he knows that you will weaken (especially if the weather is inclement and you want to close the door) and eventually give in to him, pick him up, and, of course, instead of scolding him you will hug him.  Bad training, true, but we will venture to say that he will make you do just that.  

But, you say, you want a good watchdog.  Again, the Pug is for you. As soon as a stranger approaches your house, the Pug will probably be on his feet, facing the door.  If it is a friend, he will just stand by the door waving his tail and making funny little anticipating noises.  One can easily determine if the approaching person is friend or stranger.   

Perhaps you want a playful, spirited dog for your children. Now we know that you really must have a Pug.  Many times, prospective Pug owners have gone to a home with their children to see pug puppies.  Each time, the resulting picture is usually the same.  The child or children and sometimes the adults find a comfortable spot on the floor and the various puppies begin milling around them.  The pups greet and accept the children as though they had known each other for a long time.  You will see them happily sitting on the floor with the puppies romping merrily around and over them, licking their faces and chattering in the way of puppies and youngsters. 

The Pug is not an aggressive fighter, but will certainly defend himself if any dog dares to start anything.  He may not be able to get the best of a large dog, but he will certainly try.  

Pugs should belong not to the indifferent dog owner, but to those who appreciate quality and all the characteristics that we have mentioned. They must belong to real dog lovers, since they require and demand oodles of love and return the same measure of love and devotion. pug

A Pug is a gentle and quiet companion for the aged or shut-in.  It has been observed that as soon as a Pug is brought into a room in a nursing home wherein elderly people are confined to bed due to illness, the eyes light up and faces break into a smile when they look into the quizzical little Pug faces and their bright inquisitive eyes.  Pugs are so acceptable in the sick room because of their size, cleanliness, short hair, and freedom from doggy odors.  Their bright and cheerful disposition does much to elevate the spirit of the aged and handicapped. 

If you are thinking about getting into the breeding game, seek the help of a veterinarian and reputable Pug breeders before you begin.  Good quality Pugs do not happen by accident; on the contrary, they are the result of hard work.  To breed selectively, you need to be familiar with Pug pedigrees, the breed standard adn, certainly, genetics.